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I like my hair messy. My love wild. And my sex aggressive. But I’m still a sensitive woman, just with passion. Sade Harrison (via timedoesnotexisthere)

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You know you’re fucked when those late night thoughts start hitting you in the middle of the day. (via restoring-hope)

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…I was not myself for weeks yet nobody noticed. (via phuckindope)

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The Story So Far // Clairvoyant

i don’t think ive ever felt this sad, going through with it is all i think about anymore. maybe if i find an area in the mountains of trees that are as dead as i feel and want to be i can find peace in hanging myself from them. im ready to check out for good and ive never been more serious.

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*shows up at ur door 10 years after we had an argument* aND ANOTHER THING

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